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The Kennedy family

If you are ever in need of a realtor, Karen Sullivan is one of the best! Her positive attitude is contagious. We’ve never had a realtor work so hard to represent us and had complete confidence she had our best interest in mind. Strong communication skills, and she does think out side the box! We appreciate all her efforts and would not use another!

Carol Ray

It is my pleasure to recommend Karen Sullivam as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation. I was selling a mobile home in Prescott, Arizona, which requires a unique selling strategy to make it a successful sale. I needed to sell it fast!

Karen had an initial meeting with me and took diligent notes regarding the specific details of my home.

She is highly talented and professional in her approach to home selling. I like the fact that she is knowledgeable with the real estate community and regulations. She insured all procedures of selling my home were accurate.

Karen was always honest about the entire process.

Karen worked hard on my behalf to bring in a supply of potential buyers who were good candidates to qualify to buy my home. She held several open houses which generated buyers interest. She found the right buyer to purchase my home within weeks who qualified easily and quickly. The entire selling process took approximately 5 weeks from start to finish and it was completed efficiently via email while I was out of town.

I found Karen to be a highly motivated and attentive agent, she was always available and she adjusted the home sale price quickly as I requested. She returned all phone calls and emails the same day. I never felt neglected or unimportant.

I am pleased to recommend Karen Sullivan to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is very good in the business in my opinion and if I ever need to move again she will be my first choice in real estate agents. If you want to discuss my experience in more detail please feel free to contact Karen for my phone number or email address.

John and Pamela Evans

Quickly reviewing our documents it looks as though our land in Prescott was listed with you for approximately a year and a half. Over the last four or five years we decided to get a bit more aggressive to promote it, move it. Previously we were in no rush having purchased it as an investment maybe ten years ago.

Once the decision was made to be more aggressive, we asked of trusted friends with deep connections in Prescott whom they would recommend; quickly receiving names of two agents with a lengthy professional history in the city. We tried one then the other. Left the first as she became more and more flaky with communication and then zero. Second was ok but luke warm overall and not a lot of updates or engagement, if any, content to just have our listing on his books.

At some point Karen you connected with us, can't recall if via email or letter introducing yourself. We liked your energy and approach, decided together what did we have to lose due to the inactivity of the other agents, so signed a contract. Over the course of that contract we're sure you could've concentrated on more prestigious properties, but we never got that vibe because you kept us up to date via emails and calls on what was happening with land sales in Prescott in relation to our lot. Your level of communication in relation to buyer inquiries, sales of other close lots, pricing locally, made us confident we could leave it in your hands for the best outcome. Then finally with what seemed to be a definite selling opportunity, your representation and guidance through it all was totally engaged, on point, to get it finalized despite the buyers up and down requests, and us living in Phoenix.

We appreciate the opportunity in any way to help you forward in your profession because you've proved to us how connected you are in supporting those whom sign up for your services.

Karen Johnson

Dear Karen Sullivan,

I am so glad you called me out of the blue. You managed to get my mobile home sold in time to make everything fall into place for us. You helped make this possible because there are a lot of factors involved in selling a mobile home in a park with rules and you handled those details--cash sale, age restrictions, pet restrictions, credit check and such--and managed to find someone who met all the criteria and wanted to buy it. And you did this quite quickly, too, and I didn’t have to stay at my mobile home while I waited for it to sell. So thank you so much for being part of making everything work out in the end!

A Joy to Work With!

Karen was incredibly helpful as our agent. She always kept me on track and made sure I didn’t miss any deadlines. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. We absolutely loved working with
her. She was a joy and pleasure to work with. We’re so grateful for her help. Thank you Karen for everything.

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